What makes a dream different from reality ? Is it true that in dream everything becomes beautiful?, If yes, then welcome to Kerala, where you doesn't have to 'dream' to be in a beautiful place, here at Kerala dream & reality floats together & 'Kerala Diaries' is for you to see & know more about Kerala, the most beautiful tourist destination in India.

Kerala is one among the 28 states of India, which is situated to the south-western part of India, Kerala consists of 14 districts of which each has a different culture & and vast history to tell, with an amazing array of festivals & art forms, mesmerizing beaches, hill stations, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, backwaters, wildlife, all of which are great holiday and honeymoon destinations, Kerala Diaries showcases and provides travel information about all these amazing tourist places in Kerala.

Kerala Tourist Place

    Take a look at the beautiful tourist places in Kerala, one of the best feature of Kerala is that only 150 KM's seperates the hot and humid costal areas from the cool and breathtaking hill stations

Must visit tourist places includes
Alleppy/Kumarakom (for the houseboat experience),
Kochi (for the mix of metropolitan city and the colonial past),
Munnar / Vagamon Hill stations (for its sheer beauty )

Kerala Holidays & Honeymoon Place

Spend your holidays with the calmness and the elegance of the most beautiful tourist destination in India, Kerala is rich with natural beauty, the monsoon climate of Jun-July is a real treat for the senses

There are plenty of Holiday and Honeymoon tourist destinations in Kerala, of which Munnar, Kovalam, Kochi, Kumarakom, Athirapilly, Alappuzha etc. tops the list, and the other thing for sure is the fact that Kerala tourism costs less on your pocket, so you can enjoy your nature holidays with ease and comfort

Kerala Tourism Culture Art forms

Kerala is rich in it's culture, arts and dance dramas, more over it's a valuable assets of kerala, be it with the fast paced modern society, Peoples of Kerala hold on to it's old traditions with love.
Kerala has lot's of cultural

and art forms to brag about :), which includes, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Mudiyettu, Theyyam, Kudiyattam, Otanthullal etc. these art show's appear pleantiful during Aug-Nov and Jan-Mar in lots of public events, if not there's always permanent theaters for these art forms where it's been teached, such as Kalamandalam, Nepathya, Margi etc.